Gail's Family

Gail's Great Great Great Maternal Grandmother, Maryam

Gail's Great Great Maternal Grandmother

Gail's Maternal Grandmother, Laura Francis Batterton Etzenhouser,
& Great Aunt Martha (Identical Twins) (Granda is on the right)

Gail's Paternal Grandfather

Gail's Father, Winn Etzenhouser

Gail's Mother, Mahin

Mom and Bill Stanley, Gail's Step-father

Gail's Brother, Shane

Gail's Step-mother, Trudy Stegelman with grand-daughter Laurel

Gail's Step-sister & Step-brother, Heather & Jeff

Gail's Cousin Julie & Mario with Kids Taylor & Sofi

Aunt Ginger

Uncle David, Aunt Janice & Cousin Brittain



Gail & Zelalem