My Dad's family came to visit for 10 days, January 9 - 17, 2001.

Aunt Jember, Uncle Sami and my cousins Tedros & Beniyam came from Dallas.
Aunt Mezgeb and Uncle Kidu came from New Orleans.
Uncle Minilik and my cousin Dagm came from Seattle.
Aunt Meraf surprised us and came from Dallas.

It was the first time that all of Dad's brothers and sisters
were together in the same room in about 18 years.

Aunt Mezgeb, Uncle Minilik, Aunt Meraf, Dad, Aunt Jember

My cousins -- Dagm (2) and Teddi (2 1/2)

Teddi                                                 Dagm

Mw and my cousin Beniam (6 months)

Top Row:  Cousin Dagm, Uncle Minilik (Dagm's father & Dad's brother), Dad, 
Uncle Kidane (Mezgeb's husband), Aunt Mezgeb (Dad's sister)
Front Row:  Aunt Meraf (Dad's sister), Mom, me, Aunt Jember (Dad's sister & Beni & Teddi's Mom), Cousin Beniam, Uncle Sammi (Jember's husband) and Cousin Teddi
Aunt Selam (Minilik's wife) couldn't come