At the Hospital
We got to stay in the hospital for a total of 5 days!  Actually, I was released in good health after only two days, but Mommy had to stay for 5 days.  Luckily, they gave Mommy a single room, and they let Daddy and I stay with her the whole time.  See daddy sleeping in the chair behind me?

On the day after I was born, Mommy had trouble moving her legs.  She couldn't move her right leg at all and had trouble moving her left leg.  This worried the doctors and nurses very much.   They had to give Mommy an MRI to see if they could figure out what happened.   After a few days, she got some of the movement back and was even able to walk.   Although Mom is doing a lot better, she hasn't fully recovered yet.  She has some nerve damage in her legs, but the doctors say she should fully recover -- but it could take up to a year or so.   I guess I must have touched something I wasn't supposed to on the way out.  But Mom and Dad are just thankful that she's able to walk now and that I'm happy and healthy.   Here I am with Mom and Grandma.

Because of the MRI, Mommy couldn't breast feed me for 48 hours.  So during that time, Daddy got to feed me formula with a syringe.   After the 48 hours were over, I happily went back to breast feeding with no problems.   But, for a few days when Daddy held me, I opened my mouth up wide like a bird, hoping that he'd drop in some more food. 

Mom and Dad were thankful that we got to spend the extra days in the hospital so that they could learn everything they needed to know about how to take care of me from the excellent nurses at Sibley.  Here is our favorite nurse, Katina.  She was extremely patient with all of mom's questions.

We all came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve -- December 24th.   Here we are all dressed up in non-hospital garb.  Ready to go home!