My Relations

Great Grandmother

Grandma Stanley                                           Grandpa Etzenhouser

Aunt Mezgeb, Uncle Minilik, Aunt Meraf, Dad, Aunt Jember

Uncle Shane

My cousins -- Dagm (2) and Teddi (2 1/2)

My and my cousin Beniam (6 months)

Everyone came to see me in January!
Top Row:  Cousin Dagm, Uncle Minilik (Dagm's father & Dad's brother), Dad, 
Uncle Kidane (Mezgeb's husband), Aunt Mezgeb (Dad's sister)
Front Row:  Aunt Meraf (Dad's sister), Mom, me, Aunt Jember (Dad's sister & Beni & Teddi's Mom), Cousin Beniam, Uncle Sammi (Jember's husband) and Cousin Teddi
Aunt Selam (Minilik's wife) couldn't come